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Principle of Economics

According to Lipsey and Steiner :-

               “Economics develop specific criteria which define the conditions for making the best use of society’s resources and employs these criteria as guidelines for formulating and evaluating public policy”        



Principles of Management

Principle of Management implies a list of current management practices.

                   According to F.W.Taylor and Henry :- F.W.Taylor developed principles of       management,credits to Henry Fayol, a french management theorist for the soundness and good  working of the management.


Principal of Managemant

Business Statistics

Statistics is branch of scientific method comprising of collection, presentation,analysis and interpretation of data which are obtained by measuring some characteristics.

                               “The frequency distribution is a tabulation of data which are obtained from measurement or observation or experiment, arranged in ascending or descending  order.” 

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Doing a course in MBA can help life achievement


Doing a course in MBA can help working Professional.

you Learn

(IT-Information Technology/HR human resource)

Information Theory is also used in information retrieval, intelligence , gathering, gambling, statistics, and even in musical composition.
Information and Processing
Human resources is used to describe both the people who work for a company or organization and the department responsible for managing resources related to employees.
HR Manager
Human Resource Management