Business Statistics

Statistics is a branch of a scientific method comprising of collection, presentation, analysis, and interpretation of data which are obtained by measuring some characteristics. However, the word statistics is used in both singular and plural forms. For example:- , statistics is now taught in various discipline this is singular sense, whereas the statistics of industrial …

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Principles of management

Principles of management are the function of an industrial undertaking that organizes, directs, and controls various activities of the enterprise directed towards specific ends ( objective). ‘Principles of management ‘ implies a list of current management practices, Through F.W.Taylor developed principles of Management, Credits to Henry Fayol, a French management theorist for advocating and publishing …

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Human Resources Management

Human resource management is a management function concerned with hiring, motivating, and manufacturing people in an organisation. It focuses in people in organisations. Human Resource Management (HRM) is a management function that helps managers’ recruit, select, train and develop members for an organisation. Obviously, HRM is concerned with the people’s dimension in organisations. We quote …

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